Saturday, January 29, 2011


Oh, Aeroplan Reward Miles, how I love you. I do, I really do.
In light of the recent takeover of Zellers by the much cooler Target, I decided it would be prudent to spend my saved up HBC Reward Points. I rarely shop at The Bay and if Zellers is gone I won't really have an opportunity to save up more points anyway, right? Well, I was quite excited to see what 56,000 points would buy. Turns out, nothing. Really. Nothing. I do, however, have the option to transfer them to AirMiles. I thought, "Sure, I collect AirMiles too." I went to see just how many AirMiles I had in hopes that it'd be a bit more impressive than my totally useless 56,000 HBC Reward Points. Nope. 335 AirMiles. Well, it's a bit more useful than the HBC points actually. I could maybe rent a car with it or pay for a night in a hotel. However, I've had my AirMiles card for a number of years now and I really thought I ought to be closer to something substantial. For a whole year of living in Calgary I got AirMiles every time I filled up my car, and I never forget to check to see if I place is an AirMiles partner. I suppose 335 is something though. So, next I went to check about my Aeroplan Miles. This, my friends, was a source of some happiness. We have enough for a flight! Two round-trip flights actually! Now, Aeroplan Miles expire every 6 years, but the majority of our points were earned in the past year, so that gives us a good 5 more years before we need to spend our points. That's 5 more years worth of saving! While our miles right now would pay for a short-haul flight, in 5 years time we could probably fly to Europe and back! Isn't that wonderful?? Oh Aeroplans, how quickly you accumulate!
I bought two ducks today. The dead and frozen variety of course. $8.50 apiece. Isn't that fantastic?? The last duck I bought was $17! It was cheaper to buy duck than chicken this week! I had to talk Matt down from buying the 1/4 section of hog for $25 but I barely fit the ducks in the freezer so it was for the best.
Last night a friend of ours sent some free hockey tickets our way so we took Gabe out to a WHL game. It was the second time we had taken him and we forgot just how transfixed he gets when he watches live hockey. He had an awesome time. Popcorn, ice cream and hockey. He even had his favorite stuffed animal puppy with him and his puppy had a whole seat to himself. We had a good time too. It was the first game I'd been to in a long, long time that our team won. Gabe was so excited when we got home that we had a bit of trouble getting him down to bed even though he was exhausted. He'd fall asleep and then jerk awake and yell, "Goal!" or "Hockey!" Not very helpful, but cute.

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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