Thursday, January 20, 2011

Current Events

I managed to get a 20 minute nap in after my first post of the day and that definitely was advantageous. When I got up I got my son settled in with some lunch, I cleaned my living room (dusting, sweeping and honest to goodness organizing included), did some dishes up, started dinner and brushed the dog. It was a really nice change having the living room clean since it hadn't been so since Matt got sick. We had company over this evening; a couple that we haven't gotten together with since the beginning of my pregnancy, and it was really good to see them again. Now the living room is still clean, the dogs are in bed and I'm feeling the need to write on current events and world news - which I haven't done in a rather long time.
First off, I'd like to observe how interesting it is that they have to teach current events in high school to make sure that students stay informed on what's going on in the world. Even moreso, I find it interesting that there was a time when I could hardly remember who was Prime Minister of Canada (this was just after Jean Chretien was out so granted, it was a new thing for me to have to remember a name other than his since he'd been Prime Minister since I was in middle school). Now, probably a joint cause of personal growth, maturity, be less self-absorbed and the internet, I make a point of it every day to get plugged into some sort of a news sorce. My preferred is the internet, mainly and (yes, I read the American page), next in line is radio, then TV and finally newspapers. If I have a sick day or for some reason I haven't got around to hearing any news stories that day, I feel oddly disconnected. I think it's an important thing for everyone to stay informed on events around the globe for many reasons, the least reason of which would be for conversation's sake. Greater reasons would be to make yourself a better citizen and more informed voter and to make yourself a better person by being well rounded, having opinions and having empathy and prayers for matters bigger than yourself.
Now, on to my own opinions on the news.
Firstly, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is making amazing progress according to the latest reports. She's shown considerable progress in physical responses, has stood with assistance and has opened her eyes more frequently following reconstructive surgery to her right eye socket. I'm praying for her - I really, really am. I want this lady to heal; I want her to overcome what challenges are before her and I want her to recover to a point where she will be able to continue in politics. Why? Mostly because I want the shooter to have failed. He wanted to kill her and he succeeded in killing 6 other people and injuring 11 others, but I want him to have failed in his actual goal. He doesn't deserve the satisfaction of success. Also, I want her to overcome this because Rep. Gabby Giffords has become a visible rallying point around all the well wishers for all the other victims. Naturally the media would follow a congresswoman's progress, but it doesn't make the world less concerned for the wellbeing of the other 11 injured people. Particularly I feel concern for the senior man who tried to shield his wife and even though he was shot, she was still killed. I pray for that man. I want him to be alright and to not blame himself. Somehow I feel that if Rep. Gabby Giffords can overcome what has happened to her that her fate is tied with every other individual affected by the shooting. I can't get daily reports on their progress though, so I'll continue to follow the reports on the congresswoman, and at the same time earnestly pray for recovery and healing for her.
I also pray for justice for the shooter and while I know it will come in this life I pray for mercy and healing in time for the next.
Next, over 100 suspected mafia members in the states were arrested today. Good. And I'm glad they were smart enough to get them all at the same time and not leave any credible people left lingering who have the manpower and the authority to get back at any prosecutors, judges or arresting officers. I'm praying for them and their families tonight though, just in case.
Right now you could not pay me enough money to go to Mexico. Now, if any of you are planning trips there soon, please skip this paragraph, and have fun! Some of the latest stories coming out about violence in Mexico are focused in Mazatlan, Playa del Carmen and similar tourist destinations and resort towns. Previously it had only been places in the interior really, and non-tourist locations that were being affected by the drug war and the violence, but it's spilling over and I'm sure moreso than we realize. I only really hear the stories about Canadians being raped, beaten and shot. And that's just this week.
In bigger news, George Clooney just got malaria. It must be bigger news, it was higher up on the news page than all these other stories.
And lastly, a UofC student wore the same pair of jeans nearly every day for 15 months without washing them all in the name of science - and fashion. I don't care what it's in the name of, that's disgusting.

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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