Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kind of Procrastinating

What I'm doing right now would be classified as procrastinating if I felt physically capable of doing anything else. May I just say that pizza was a bad idea?
After spending the morning dealing with a sleepy and needy little boy, I finally got him down for a nap and figured I'd eat a quick lunch before I set out to clean the house for company that is coming over tonight. And lo, there was pizza. I was craving fruit but I can hardly eat fruit thanks to pregnancy allergies, so I figured I'd settle for the pizza. Stupid me. I at least had the sense to not try and finish it but my tummy is not happy.
I'm actually in a culinary land-lock right now. My stomach will barely tolerate anything more than toast or fruit lately but my fruit options are severly limited right now, even more so because it's winter, so every morning I've been making a fruit smoothie and having toast for lunch. My smoothie this morning was a little lacking. It was a peach and cantaloupe smoothie, as opposed to my normal strawberry and banana one. The cantaloupe flavour was too strong and the overall flavor was crying out for some passion fruit. Where exactly am I supposed to get passion fruit right now??? Ah well, I know for next time I guess.
Last night was a rather odd night. Odd in the sense that it was fairly productive, but the joy of that was overshadowed by the fact that it took three hours to get Gabe to go to bed. Why was it productive? Well, I set out to clean out the bottom of our closet in our bedroom, which I had long attested was 'organized'... just in 6 or 7 different bags that were thrown on the bottom of the floor... Matt had a spare underbed storage bin that I used to store all of the things I wanted to keep from those bags (they were mostly excess cosmetics, soaps and bath products). I then moved on to finally getting rid of all my clothes from high school that I've held on to thinking, "I'll fit into these again." Yah, I probably will, but between now and then I'm having another baby. I might as well buy new clothes when the time comes that I'm back to "normal". After all that purging was done I had two garbage bags of donations and two garbage bags of garbage (including all my old jeans that had holes in the crotch). Now, our closet organizer actually organizes things and the bottom of the closet is clean! Well, shortly after this we tried to put Gabe down for bed when we realized that his soother was torn and he had bit through it in the course of the day. That was the second one he had done that to that day. He's taken to biting on the nipple and pulling the soother back which makes a great nose when it finally pops out but rips the nipple obviously. So we decided now was a good time to ween him off his soother. And by ween I mean cold turkey. Gabe, unfortunately, disagreed. There were moments of hysterical tears and moments of over-tired giddiness. Finally we broke down at midnight and I found a new soother for him and within two minutes he was asleep. I, however, did not have such luck.
Ah well, we'll start him off easier with no soother except for at night time for bed and then go from there.
Well, I'd better have a quick nap to help put my stomach right before Gabe wakes up!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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