Monday, September 27, 2010

Stoves and Hotels

My weekend is just ending now! That's right - long weekend for me! Technically my weekend starts whenever Matt gets off work and ends when he needs to go back to work. Saturday Matt went out hunting so Gabe and I skipped off to the Farmer's Market. We actually got there later than I had hoped since I didn't really fall asleep after Matt got up at 5. When I finally did fall asleep it was 7 and I had hoped to be up at 7:30... it didn't work. Anyway, we got there and I picked up some small potatoes, beets, concord grapes, blackberries and cheese. When I got home Matt and I went out and ran some errands and then I volunteered at the church for a private function. They had a silent auction that night and I won an ice cream maker for $40! Woot! In the morning we went to the early service and then we left right from the church to Calgary to go pick up our new stove! We stopped for lunch at my sister's and then drove to my uncle's house. The stove is the same stove I've been wanting all along! My mother in law has the same type and it's the same type that I used at my old job. Oh, and it's black so it matches our new dishwasher.
We drove back to Red Deer just in time for Matt to drop me off at the church since I was running the cafe that evening. I hadn't eaten dinner yet and I had a lot of running around going on at the church. To be honest I was quite exhausted. However, the evening did end and lucky for me, Matt's mom was taking Gabe for the night so I had the rest of the evening off. Matt and I had won a gift certificate from a silent action for a night in a hotel and we'd never had a chance to use it just because we needed someone to take Gabe. So, we finally found an evening and when we finished at the church at 9:00 we checked in and then went out to a restaurant down the road for dinner. In the morning we went down for the continental breakfast, checked out and then did some shopping. I picked up my new frames and then went to my optometrist appointment. It turns out my eyes got better since my pregnancy. Sweet, eh? I'll have my new glasses by the end of the week.
Tonight we had an Italian themed dinner at Matt's parents' place with a buddy. I made an antipasto pizza, melon balls wrapped in proscuitto and pistachio ice cream I made in my new ice cream maker! Then Matt's sister came to pick up our old stove and we conned everyone into helping us move our new one in and our old one out. I think I owe our friend another meal now...
It's been a good weekend, and fun, but I really am exhausted. Tomorrow I'll be at the church making lattes and running errands in the afternoon. Hopefully I can fit a nap in there somewhere!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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