Monday, September 13, 2010

Cafe Marathon day

I am so, so, so tired. It's been a long time since I worked an 8 hour split-shift. Yesterday was my marathon cafe day. On Saturday night I was so nervous about the next morning that I hardly slept. And then, when I finally fell asleep at 2:30 I had a nightmare and Matt had to wake me up because I was hyperventilating. So, I woke up for another half hour, finally fell back to sleep at 3:30 and got up at 6. Great, eh? I got to the church at 7 after picking up Timmys and went to work right away. I ran around a whole bunch set stuff up, making loads of coffee and then moving everything I had already set up! Once the first service was over the cafe opened for the first time this year. Unfortunately since there were pancakes been given away in the parking lot on the other side of the church, no one was over by the cafe! We only made a handful of drinks all morning. It did actually help however. We were trying out new slushies and didn't have a clue about how good they would taste or how much ice to use for them. We did figure it out and now I'm much more excited about the slushies than I was before. Because of how little we charge in the cafe I was worried that we'd lose money on making the slushies that were supposed to be made with 1 cupful of syrup and 1 cupful of ice. It was calculating out poorly and I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to keep carrying them, but it turns out they work better when you use 3 cupfuls of ice to 1 cupful of syrup! And they taste great! So anyway, we won't be losing money on the slushies anymore and I won't feel bad about serving them. We then had a bunch of people turn up for training and they made some of the best shots I've ever seen newbies make! And they laughed at me a bit for how much I'm 'into' making espresso shots. After making some more coffee for the people eating pancakes I cleaned up and got home by 1. Matt had apparently walked to another church with Gabe for the morning (I had taken the family vehicle to church) so I went and picked them up and we stopped off at a garden center before we came home. I've been wanting to plant hyacinths for a while, however I didn't realize they weren't hardy in my zone. I bought some anyway and I'll grow them inside and transplant them this spring. Matt really wanted some daffodils (I love him!) and I also got some pretty tulips - a variety called Deirdre with white petals and green streaks up them. We got home and ate leftover chinese food from the day before, and I mostly just hung out while Matt went out to hang out with some guys. He got back, we fed Gabe and went back to the church by 5:30 where I started all over again with making coffee and setting up the espresso machine. This time at least I got to go to the church service - for some of it that is. I kept getting called out of the service and I had to leave it as soon as the sermon was done so that I could be at the cafe. I don't know why I rushed... all my volunteers who were scheduled didn't show up, I sold 2 hot chocolates to one little girl and a muffin to a man. It wasn't a complete waste however since 2 people turned up for training. I lucked out and was out of there by 8:45! And I got my ordering figured out for this week too! I was, however, very sore and very tired when I got home. I haven't done that much running in a long time and the shoes I wore were not the best idea. So my legs were aching and my back was sore and my feet were killing me. However, lucky for me, Matt gave me an awesome foot rub before bed! Seriously, foot rubs are one of my top 10 favorite things in the whole wide world.
Today I'm still tired and had to spend the morning dealing with stuff like credit cards and emails that never were received. Oh, and I just found out I have to rewrite the cafe schedule for the 8th time.
This week I'll need to start making biscotti for the Ministry Fair in a few weeks. I'm going to need a whole lot of butter!
Anyway, I'm going to cuddle my baby to sleep. His naps have been getting later and later.

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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