Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Construction Theme

Well, I finally figured out how to make my booth theme appropriate for our upcoming Ministry Fair at church! The theme is "Under Construction" which did not work into my original plans for how to decorate my booth. I was going to make it all cafe-ish but couldn't figure out how to juxtapose the smooth cafe and rugged construction themes. I had a few brainwaves today that I think are really going to help. I'm getting Matt to make a sign for me that says "CAFE" that will be made out of boards nailed together. I was trying to find a woodworkers apron to wear instead of just my regular cafe apron but I couldn't find one, so instead I'll still be wearing the cafe apron, but a barista tool belt overtop. The toolbelt is going to have a hand frother, a gruppa, a travel mug and some coffee packs. I'm going to build a pyramid out of espresso cups and rope it off with some construction tape and best of all I've decided to make a kid's treat to give away too! I'm going to bake some brownies and put them in the back of a toy dump truck so that they look like dirt. I'm also going to display the biscotti in an old school construction lunch box!
Today I was getting Gabe ready to go to the church with me to make lattes and it started raining just 5 minutes before we had to leave. I got drenched in the amount of time it took me to get Gabe in and out of the car so I showed up at the church looking like a drowned rat. I made a load of drinks today and most of them came at the same time. It wasn't bad, it was just busy. Matt's mom took Gabe for the whole time so I didn't have to worry about him. I usually get there at 11 and lately I've been getting out at 1:30. On Friday I'm going back into the church to check over some plans they have to reno the cafe. I mentioned to one of the pastors that I suspected we didn't need such extensive work done and he wanted me to relook the plans. Saturday I'm going in to do setup for Sunday and Sunday itself will be crazy :)

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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