Friday, September 24, 2010

Botched Sushi

I was fortunate enough to have my husband home with me all morning! Well, 'home' may not be exactly accurate. We ran errands after we got up at 10:30 (crazy, eh?) starting with going over to Matt's work to drop off some bills. While he amused himself with paperwork, Gabe and I hit up Bed Bath and Beyond for the first time. I failed to find what I was looking for but found some great 400 thread count sheets for $50 (I didn't buy them, but good to know). We then went down to my dad's work for some cafe business and then went to check out some glasses for myself. I found a pair of frames that I liked for $140 which really isn't bad but I was hoping to find some for less. We were planning on going to Costco to check out some more frames but Gabe started getting super grumpy so we just headed straight home... just in time to see a friend of ours knocking on the door. He's keeping some stuff stored in our basement and came to grab some stuff. Matt accompanied him downstairs while I tidied up the kitchen and then made lunch for us. We had fun hanging out until Matt had to go to his golf tournament and buddy left. So, I tried my darndest to get Gabe to sleep since it was now 3:30 and he still hadn't had a nap. I took him downstairs and we rewatched a few Big Bang Theory episodes with no hope of him falling asleep. I needed to bake my first batch of biscotti tonight so I took Gabe upstairs, put him in his playpen and within 2 minutes he fell asleep. Lucky for me since I can only put one tray in the oven at a time without excessive browning. So, since each batch yields three trays and each tray requires 45 minutes of baking, it was going to take a long time. He slept through the whole thing, save the last 10 minutes of the last tray. Oh, and I made sushi for myself for dinner. Unfortunately for me, I started making the rice before I realized that my avocado wasn't ripe and my cucumber had frozen in the veggie drawer and gone bad. So, I made straight shrimp sushi but then I realized that I didn't have any sushi soy sauce. It's odd... for regular rice I need China Lily Soy Sauce but for sushi, only something comparable to Kikoman's is acceptable. I only had those crappy little packets that come when you order Chinese food and they sure didn't cut it. So, my sushi was not the best I've ever made. It seemed lacking.
Now however, I have finished baking about a third of all the biscotti I will need to make before next Sunday and I have officially exhausted all possible places in Red Deer that carry large steam jugs so I'll have to order one from Calgary.
Ooh! And additional good news! My uncle and aunt had their fridge conk out so when they went to buy a new one they decided to buy the matching stove and microwave too - despite the fact that their current ones were totally fine. So they're going to give us their old ones! I'm actually really excited to bake more than one tray at a time. Now all we have to do is get them from Calgary...
Matt goes hunting tomorrow morning, during which time I will bake another batch of biscotti, and then I'm volunteering for a function in the cafe tomorrow night. Partay!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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