Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What if...?

What if we weren't selfish anymore? Can you imagine what it would be like?

What if, for a month - even for a week - the whole world wasn't selfish?

What if we committed a week to not spending any money on anything frivilous? What if instead of paying money to go see a movie, we donated it? What if instead of buying Timmy's or dinner out or going to a game or getting new clothes, we threw all of that money into a pot to be evenly shared between charities?

Do you know how much money that would be?

Well, if we cut out spending on the porn industry alone, that would be around $1.8 billion. In one week. Do you think that would make a dent on the famines ravaging Africa?

If no one bought alcohol for a whole week, and instead donated that money, that would bring in around $22 billion for charities. Do you think we could cure cancer then?

If Hollywood shut down production for a week, and no one went to the movies, that would be another $3.5 billion. What do you want to cure next? MS? AIDS? Heart Disease?

What if we weren't selfish, all of us, for even one week? Wouldn't that be great?

*Statistics are derived from the Morss Global Finance Economics of the Global Entertainment Industry. http://www.morssglobalfinance.com/the-economics-of-the-global-entertainment-industry/ Information is a few years old already.

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