Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wedding Bar

A dear friend of ours is getting married and when we heard the great news we offered to help in any way he could think of. And now, to my great delight, he has proposed a task for myself and a couple of the other girls in our church: We're going to help him make a wicked awesome Cupcake and Smores Bar!
Everyone can decorate their own cupcakes with their own frosting, and everyone can roast their own marshmallows and wedge them between a variety of cookies! Starting in September (the wedding is in December) we will begin making the cookies and cupcakes (I think we'll probably do 5 varieties of cupcakes and 4 of cookies - 200 cupcakes in total and 400 cookies total!) since we can freeze those.
I also proposed that instead of everyone using plain old boring marshmallows, that we make those too! We'll also be making the frostings and I think I'm making up coffee syrups for the shindig as well!

Here's some of the fun things I'm thinking of so far:
Jim Beam Buttercream (The groom's favorite drink!)
Chai cupcakes
Cinnamon Roll Coffee Syrup
Gingerbread cookies for the smores
Strawberry pop rock marshmallows

About that last one, does anyone know if the pop rocks will hold off from popping in marshmallow before it sets? And if it does, is there anyway to cook the marshmallows without them blowing up???

Do you have any more ideas for me?

Mrs. VanderLeek ;)

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