Friday, July 13, 2012

Christmas is coming!

...Well, in a fashion...

It may be far too early to think about Christmas for some people, but I can't help it. Since we started doing almost exclusively hand-made presents for people, I need to start thinking about Christmas a few months in advance. But the amount of money that I save is well worth the extra time that I put into it.

If you have any amount of creativity, at all, there is a whole world of ideas out there to get you started in the home-made gift realm. Some of my first home-made gifts were simple bath products: bath bombs and salts. I found the instructions at and it took a mere afternoon to put them together. While these were nice for my sister and Matt's sisters, they didn't quite cover over my whole list. I moved on to pillows and then I settled into food. For the past couple years my presents have primarily been sugar syrups and canned goods (two years ago I made sweet pepper jelly and this past year I made thai chili sauce, mango chutney, crabapple jelly and raspberry jam), but this year I think I'm going to break away from the food category a bit. But that's why I have Pinterest.

From handmade jewellery tutorials, to coasters (here or here), lots of things with chalkboard paint (this or this), or even transfering pictures onto wood, you can find a tonne of ideas.

If you would prefer to go the food route (which is great for neighbour gifts, btw) again, a little bit of creativity goes a long way. Instead of giving people cookies, give them cookie dough that they can store in their freezer and pull-out after the Christmas goodie rush has ended. Give them jars of jelly or savory sauces that they can open through the year. Dry mixes for cakes, soups, breads or cookies are always welcome, and if you feel particularly adventurous, try making a dry tea blend.

If your talents lie in the realm of sewing, consider throws, pillows, dogbeds or baby clothes. If you are a crocheter, maybe make some reusable produce bags. If you are handy with tools, how about a bookcase dollhouse for your niece, or an upcycled bench or ottoman?

Once you get into wall-hangings the flood gates really open up!
DIY Letter Transfer
Crayon Art

Fabric hangings
Door Mat wall art

What will you make this Christmas?

Mrs. VanderLeek ;)

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