Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sick kids... surprised?

Well, we're back in the sick-household rut.
Last week little Nathaniel developed croup, and while his croup cough only lasted three days, it was quickly followed by a new, raspier cough. During his one-year checkup yesterday the doctor informed me that this cough was an entirely different illness from the croup. In fact, he has a bacterial respiratory infection. So, my poor little boy is now on antibiotics and will hopefully start feeling better, and hopefully Gabe won't catch it too!

At first, yesterday was a horrible day. The above-mentioned appointment was one that I didn't remember until 8:30 that morning when I happened to glance at the calendar and see something marked down for 10:30 - something that I had to book 2 months in advance so I definitely didn't want to miss it. While we were waiting to see the doctor, the boys got restless - which is understandable since we waited about an hour and a half. Once we got home I was bummed for my little sick guy and more than a little sleep deprived since he hasn't been sleeping well for over a week now. But there was no time for rest - I had a lady coming over for a meeting that I was dreading at 1:30. Instead of cleaning the house and such, at 12:30 Gabe threw a fit - a big one. We had a half hour fight before he finally got tucked into bed and down for a much needed fight. The meeting came and went, I cut my finger on an apple wedger (badly.), both of the kids were grumpy all afternoon, and while I was making dinner (which didn't turn out how I hoped), I burned my stomach (now that's talent.) Gabe threw another fit before we ate, and I needed to run out afterwards to pick up Nathaniel's prescription which took half an hour to get ready. When I got home I was boiling hot, Gabe had since thrown another fit, Matt had company and my house was filthy and smelled like garlic, onions and korean BBQ sauce.

By about this point I was drowning in self-pity. I kept trying to brush it off, and anytime Matt would ask what he could do to help I'd say, "Nothing, I'll be fine." But inside I wanted the world to know how sucky I was feeling.

Lately I've been trying to make my whole life align with glorifying God. And the funny thing is, I knew that my weepy, whiney, pouty self-pity wasn't glorifying Him. Was it justified that I felt down? Totally. No one likes a bad day. Was how I dealing with it God-honoring? Nope. I wasn't freaking out at people, I was checking my anger, I was trying to serve my family, but I was doing it all selfishly.

Once I clued in to that, my day got better. One gentle rebuke from the Holy Spirit and my attitude turned around. I spent time with Gabe to get him worn out so he'd have a good sleep. I was grateful to have medication for Nathaniel. I had time to clean my kitchen because Matt and his buddy watched the kids for a bit. Oh, and this time, I tried to do it all to God's glory!

At one point in the evening I even had a chance to make up some Christmas presents! It's a handmade Christmas again this year, and a couple people on my list are going to be getting wine cork and bottle cap magnets! It's a simple dollar store craft, just glue gunning magnetic strips to corks cut lengthwise, but it sure looks cute! For the Grandma's (don't tell them if you know them!) I got the boys to make handprints on oven mitts (not as easy as that just made it sound...) and I wrote "Helping Hands 2012" on them! They turned out really great!

Today, I'm hoping to keep my attitude better, and to accomplish more, all to the glory of God. And with His grace, I will!

Mrs. VanderLeek ;)

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