Wednesday, October 6, 2010

No Cello

No Cello. The place rented all their's out since I spoke to them 5 days ago. The girl seemed like she barely knew what a cello was and clearly never had anything to do with them, so I almost asked for a second opinion about what the status was on them all, but didn't. She did mention that they had one that was listed as "Repair" and that it had been that way for a while apparently but she didn't know what was wrong with it. So, while I was walking out and noticed a cello missing a string and leaning against a wall in the corner I was rethinking my urge to get a second opinion again. Honestly, if that's all that's wrong with it you'd think they could work a little magic for me? Oh, and she wouldn't take my name and number or put me on a wait list or anything. She just told me to keep coming in and checking if they had one in.
So, that's one more thing that has not gone well for me this week. And I still don't have my glasses!
This really is shaping up to be a sucky week. I had lots of things going on this week that I was really excited for, and none of them have really gone as well as I had hoped, save Auxano on Monday night, and granted, an hour of worship, discipleship and teaching does count for a lot, which I suppose is why I haven't been reduced to tears yet.
I still have things to look forward to of course. Things like finally getting my glasses, going to Calgary on Saturday to see my family and help get my aunt's new apartment ready for her, and spending all of Sunday in some joyful business that comes along with double-booking myself for cafe work and infant care at church.
I'm not actually feeling all that inspired right now - mostly just down. It's hard to blog when you don't feel inspired. It's probably best that I go read a Jane Austen now instead.

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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