Monday, October 25, 2010

First snow!

Well, the felting project was a bit of a flop. After a few hours in the wash the wool failed to shrink and felt properly. I blame the wool. So, what I have instead of a felted wool hat is a fuzzy looking wool hat. I need to get my electric de-fuzzer out and see if I can salvage it. I am not, however, overly disheartened. I should have perhaps started with a swatch and tried to felt that, so I think I'll do that this week and if that fails too I'll know it's just my wool being funny.
Today I woke up, looked outside and was pleasantly surprised to see snow! Now, some of you may question my sanity at this point, but my reasoning is that if the weather is going to be cold anyway, we might as well have pretty snow accompanying it! I've already been itching to dig out the Christmas music and I spent a chunk of the morning planning some homemade gifts that I will be giving out this year. Along with some homemade biscotti, syrups and truffles, I will also be making a variety of crafts off of I plan to make her Gilded Pinecones, Walnut Ornaments, Snowy Balloon Ornaments and some ornaments out of ribbons. Oh, and I have a few craft supplies kicking around from projects I've done before (Teacup candles mainly) so I'll do some of those up too. My only original thought that didn't come to me whilst looking at a picture of something was to use up some leftover vinyl from putting in new floor in the kitchen. I'm going to pick up some cork board and make coasters! I think they'll look great.
I may invite my mom to come have a craft day with me and we can make extras for her to give away to some of her friends too.
I'm excited for Christmas, can you tell? I get so excited thinking about decorating our house (with two Christmas trees this year!), baking dozens of treats, buying presents, listening to my Kenny Roger's Christmas cd that I got last year... I'm determined to host a Christmas wine tasting party this year. For some reason we've never been able to host one. And I really want Matt to be able to have some poker parties here too during the holiday season. He can have the boys over for beer and nachos and I'll have their wives over for homemade chai and baklava!
Before I get too excited however I must bear in mind that Matt doesn't tolerate excessive Christmas joy before December 1st. Actually, more like December 15th, but before the 1st he's a positive Grinch! So, while I may listen to Christmas music starting November 1st, it will not be in his company!!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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