Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sick Baby = Tired Mommy

Well, our son Gabriel is sick - again. He's hardly been healthy 2 days in a row since Christmas! This time it's just a cold, but it still keeps him from falling asleep at night. Which, in turn, keeps me from falling asleep. So, he won't let me set him down at all throughout the day which means I hardly get anything done around the house. I have designated today to be my marathon laundry day. Blue is in now, next black, then red, then white, then towels, then baby clothes. Sounds fun, eh? Well if you honestly think so then I invite you to come over and do it for me :)
I have another project today: baking a cake. My poor husband did not actually have a birthday cake yet this year. He had a birthday creme brulee and a birthday cupcake and a birthday lemon meringue pie... But no birthday cake. So, hopefully he doesn't pop home in the middle of the day and ruin the surprise, but I'm going to bake him a gorgeous chocolate layer cake with my mom's coffee icing in between the layers and my grandma's marshmallow icing on top.
As a quick aside, I love my baby. He's sitting next to me and he had picked up one of Matt's birthday cards that had money in it. He opened the card, took all the money out and tossed it over his shoulder and then started playing with the card! So Cute!
By the way, I love everybody's national pride. On Facebook last night only two of the status updates I saw didn't have something to do with our bobsled or hockey wins.
Well, I supposed I'd best get going. My baby is yelling, my dog has wrapped his rope around a tree again and my laundry is ready to be switched out. Ode to Joy.

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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