Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Birthday Dinner

Yesterday was my husband's birthday and I had been preparing for it for a month - at least. I knew what he wanted for his birthday was money to spend on motorcycle gear (he's an avid biker and actually owns three bikes: two crotch rockets and one 1975 Honda 550cc that he's almost completely restored) Well, I didn't want my only gift to him to be money so I made reservations at the newer and nicer restaurant in town - Restaurant 27 - and I did some scheming with my parents. I told Matt that we would be going for his birthday dinner at my parents' house the night of his birthday, I asked his mom to say that they were busy that night anyway, and made plans for my parents to babysit our son while we were out. I dropped off our best clothes at my parents' house in advance and hoped he wouldn't figure it out! We got to my parents' place and Matt was just getting settled down to watch the hockey game when I made him follow me into the bedroom that our clothes were in. We got dressed and we got to the restaurant just in time. I ordered the calamari to start and the cornish hen for my entree while Matt ordered the proscuitto wrapped prawns to start and the swordfish for his entree. When they came to take our drink orders I asked the waitress if they made Italian Sodas. She didn't actually know what they were so I explained it to her (a shot of flavoured syrup topped up with club soda) and then she told me what flavours of syrups they had: white chocolate, vanilla and gingerbread. Not exactly typical for an Italian Soda. But I went with the gingerbread anyway :) It was actually really good. It was really spicy and refreshing. Well, the waitress went and told her boss what she made me and made one for her to try. She came by our table later to tell us that he boss loved it and that she wants to list it as a feature drink now!
We finished off the meal with apple fritters (for me) and maple creme brulee (for Matt).
I also gave Matt another small present for his birthday. We collectively have a fair number of hockey cards and even some pretty special ones. Matt also has alot of Detroit Red Wings items around the house (they're his team) So I went and got a shadow box and arranged some of our nicer memorabilia in there. Now we can actually display it instead of keeping it scattered throughout the house. Next year I'm going to try and tackle his model bike collection!

Well, just before I came on to write this I saw an article on MSN about single celebrity chefs and the meals they would cook on a first date. Almost every single one of them said they would make chocolate lava cakes (except the guy who said he'd make chocolate pots de creme). Seriously though, overrated much? You want to make me a romantic dessert how about some cream cheese stuffed poached pears? Or maybe some homemade strawberry sorbet? Or how about some Montana's Mile High Mud Pie? Okay, maybe that last one wasn't really romantic, but it sure is yummy :)
I have hardly cooked all week thanks to social engagements and that's going to be the trend for the rest of the week too. Tomorrow I might get to make dinner - we'll see!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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  1. I bet Grandma and Grandpa just love babysitting little Gabe! It was so nice to see your mom and Heather on the weekend, wish you were there!
    Miss you Stephie.



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