Monday, February 22, 2010

Pitas and pasta

I have my kitchen back! Yay!! Well, for now that is. We just renovated our living room - new flooring and paint. During the course of these renos we moved all of our living room furniture into our kitchen. Just two days ago we finally cleared the last of the furniture out. The only downside about my small victory is that we renovate the kitchen next. New floors, paint and maybe countertops in there.
All this to say that for the first time in a week I'll be making our first meal other than pasta tonight. I really hit a slump when I don't have adequate space. I actually get overwhelmed when too much is out of place and I procrastinate doing anything about it simply because I can't figure out where to start. It applies to cleaning and cooking. I can make a full meal using just my fridge, my stove and my sink, which is all I had access to. However, with the overwhelmed feeling, I just couldn't think of anything other than pasta! Fortunately you can do alot with pasta.
Anyway, tomorrow is my husband's birthday and I'm not even cooking dinner for him myself! So instead, tonight I'm making him pizza (he's always in the mood for pizza) and on Wednesday I'd better figure out something special to make him as well. I'd made jokes about duck confit, bison medalions with a cassis reduction and Asparagus risotto but honestly he'd rather have baked mac and cheese.
On other news, I had a pita for the first time since Grade 10. It was the day before Chamber Choir recording and for the past two months some of us choir kids had gone for pitas almost every day. Well, we made a trip for pitas after school one day and I got food poisoning. The funny thing was that I had a ham pita. Ya, I got food poisoning from a ham pita. I figure cross contamination, but whatever it was I was violently ill all night and the whole next day. I started running a fever in the morning too. I dragged myself out of bed at 3:30 and went in for our choir recording. There's more to that story but that's all you need to know. Anyway, I tried eating pitas a couple weeks after and I gagged every time one got too close to my mouth. Odd, eh? So yesterday we had lunch with the inlaws and we got pitas from the same place that gave me food poisoning all those years ago (under new management since). MMM it was tasty. And I have overcome my very severe aversion to pitas! Yay!
Anyway, it's 2 pm and I still haven't finished my lunch. Adios!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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