Monday, February 15, 2010

Long Time No Blog!

Well, thanks to a faulty touch pad on our laptop, Matt and I had been sans computer for 3 weeks. This meant no blogging, no searching recipes and no research for my company. Fantastic.
In any event, we got our laptop back and now life can get back to normal!
Let's see... what happened in those weeks...
Well to start, Chef Michael Smith competed in Kitchen Stadium and the judges couldn't have been more ridiculous. Honestly, who says they don't like a guacamole dish because it's not what they are used to when they think of guacamole? And how on earth did he not get the highest points ever awarded for plating from his Avocado on the half shell dish? The most beautiful thing ever! Anyway, Bobby Flay won. He did well, but the judges didn't give Michael Smith a fair shot. Next time, get some real judges on there.
That was a minor rant. Moving on. For the past month I have been planning a "Lonely Husbands Valentines Dinner" Unfortunately, my Lonely Husbands were not able to attend so all the groceries I bought will be put towards something else I guess. We did do sushi night at my parents' house and the panko crusted chicken tenders were a big hit. The fried rice was pretty good but due to an absence of proper equipment, the rice wasn't rinsed sufficiently and so it tasted a bit starchy and was very sticky, but since it was everyone else's first time making sushi, they didn't notice (or care, rather). Oh, and because of the botched Valentines dinner I brought the proscuitto over to my parents' house and introduced my family to it!
Matt and I are renovating our house again. This time it's our living room and kitchen. Over the weekend we painted our living room and Matt laid out new laminate in it. The only thing we have to do for the living room is to paint our accent wall, build a bench seat, and paint and install new base boards. Then we'll paint the kitchen and eventually replace the vinyl in there as well as the countertops.
Our house is going to look so pretty! For all of Saturday we had no access to our kitchen or our basement thanks to all the furniture in the way. But that's okay.
Anyways, this week will be full of cleaning, painting and catching up on emails.
All this to say... I'm back baby!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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