Monday, October 29, 2012

Stocking Stuffers for Women

A few days ago I posted my list of Stocking Stuffers for Men. I heard a lot of good feedback from some of my girlfriends who were stumped. But the other thing I heard a lot of was, "Now can you make one for women so I can give it to my husband??"

So, print it out, cross of anything that doesn't tickle your fancy, and leave it somewhere conspicuous!

Salted Caramels
Gourmet Chocolates
Packs of tea
Flavored Agave sticks for tea
Fine herbs/spices (cardamom, saffron, anise, kefir lime leaves)
Scented sugars
Gourmet hot chocolate packs
Rose water
Edible gold paper
Edible ink pens
High-end olive oil or balsamic vinegar
Exotic dried mushrooms
Yogurt covered dried fruit

Nail polish smudge perfector
Imported mulled soap (look at Winners for a unique and inexpensive selection)
Hair mask
Hand/Lip exfoliant
At-home Hot Stone Massage kit
Heated face mask
Scalp massage tool
Bath bombs/Milk soak
New set of Makeup Brushes
Fancy nail polish (caviar texture, matte finish, glitter)
Glass nail file
Really nice bubble bath
Perfume samples you really like the smell of

Ballpoint pens
Stationary set
Personalized Calling Cards
Personalized ‘signature’ stamp
Coconut scented hand sanitizer
Mini Lint roller for her purse
Running Wristband wallet
Reusable coffee sleeve
Wrist weights
Pocket Sudoku Book
Appointment book
Digital memo recorder (or $ for a similar app)

Low-rise lace socks (for wearing with dress shoes)
Boot socks (with a fancy cuff that shows over the top of the boot)
Sock slippers (roll up like socks, warm and grippy like slippers)
Leather gloves
Chunky cocktail ring
Warm Knit headband
Artisan/Handcrafted jewelry (think Etsy or craft shows)
Pandora Charms

In the Kitchen:
Vegetable scrub brush
Produce spray
Tart-shaper tool
Icing bags and tips
Café apron
Chalkboard labels w/ chalk pens for buffets
Sushi roll mat
Pretty cupcake wrappers
Ravioli/Cookie stamp
Unique tea ball
Cute egg cups
Barmops (you can never have too many plain white cloths/towels)
Fancy paper napkins
Handheld Microplane zester
Hand frother
Pinch bowl set
Amuse Bouche spoons
Verrine cups
Fun shaped cookie cutters
Mini Sushi Fridge Magnets
Julienne peeler
Long-handled iced tea spoons

For the home:
Mini tool kit
Linen spray
Candles (focus on yummy or relaxing scents, and natural soy/beeswax candles)
Paint swatches w/ commitment to paint that room she really wants redone
Mini terrarium
Starbucks Christmas Ornaments
Wall decals (favorite quote or imagery)
Seed packets
Stove-top house aromas
Floating wax beads w/ set of wicks
Classic Christmas Album (Carpenter’s Christmas, Amy Grant, Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby)
Café-style table cloth

Gift cards:
Booster Juice/Jugo Juice
Steam bath
Appointment for housekeeper to use during a busy week
Hair appointment/Massage
To her favorite store for Boxing Day sales
Instrument Rental/Art Class

Quilting thread
Crochet hook/Knitting needles
Fabric Scissors
Glue pen
Rotary cutting tool
Scrapbook paper
Paper punches
Glue dots
Stamp set
Paint brushes
Fresh paints
Unique essential oils (outside of peppermint, lavender and eucalyptus)
Cricut cartridge

From her favorites:
Novel – get her a mug or piece of jewelry with a favorite quote from her favorite novel. Or, look for an early edition copy of a favorite classic
TV show – many shows in syndication have been made into trivia games (Scene It FRIENDS/Seinfeld), or if the show is still running, buy her new seasons
Song – Get the lyrics printed on pillows for the sofa, or sheet music for the song printed on a canvas
Movie – Get the soundtrack, or if you’re familiar with the movie, think of a significant item in the movie and seek out a copy (It’s a Wonderful Life? A bell. Breakfast at Tiffany’s? A stuffed cat named “Cat”. The Notebook? A notebook to write your memories in. Pride and Prejudice? Find some antique jewelry from the time period.)
Makeup – don’t get adventurous, but if you know of a specific cosmetic/perfume she loves, but doesn’t always indulge in, seek it out
Magazine – gift subscription, special issues, or look online for old issues
Hobby – find a new ‘tip book’ for her, new supplies or book her in for a class

A picture book of her favorite family photos
A playlist/CD of songs that were significant when you dated
A copy of the first movie you saw together
Get your wedding vows/anniversary date printed on a scarf or engraved on jewelry
Get a copy of her favorite handwritten recipe from a loved one printed on kitchen towels (
A second wedding band to complete her set, or a matching necklace
A handwritten letter explaining why you love her so much and how much she really means to you – be as specific as possible

No $ Homemade Coupons:
“Sleep All Night” – She gets to sleep all night without having to deal with kids that wake up
“Man-Made Supper” – Exempt from any expectation of having supper ready – the Man of the house will do it
“Car checkup” – tires filled, oil changed, car wash, deep interior cleaning, and detailing of dash
“Uninterrupted Bath time” – she can have a hot, relaxing bath with bubbles and candles and NO KIDS (you might want to make this one redeemable for multiple uses)
“A Clean Bathroom” – a guarantee that at least once this year, she won’t have to be the one to clean the bathroom, top to bottom (even behind the toilet and all the baseboards!)
“Her movie” – She gets to pick the movie, and you will watch it, without mocking it, and you won’t fall asleep!
“Relive the old days” – revisit popular or significant sites/restaurants/events from your first year or two together
“Foot rub” – 20 minute length
“Hobby day” – she gets to involve you in one of her hobbies, and you’ll try very hard to enjoy helping her with her project
“Shopping day” – a no-grumbling accompaniment, during which you’ll give your honest opinion and tell her at least 5 times that you think she’s beautiful
“Surprise date” – You agree on a day, and you do all the planning! 1 week min. notice for coupon redemption (which means you have 1 week to come up with something fantastic!)
“Dinner for 2, By 2” – You’ll prepare supper together for an at-home date night. You can work together, or each be responsible for different courses, but the point is to spend time together.
“Deal with the Mess” – You will deal with that mess that keeps looming over her head that she keeps putting off getting to because it’s so unpleasant/overwhelming

Any additions? Post it in the comments so others can see!

Mrs. VanderLeek ;)

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