Saturday, October 27, 2012

Stocking Stuffers for Men

Over the last few weeks I've been looking up as many stocking-stuffer lists as I can find on Pinterest. I love to be creative with stockings, particularly for my hubby, so I was looking for new ideas. Unfortunately, I was dismayed to find that out of these massive lists of "150 Stocking Stuffers for Men", only about 3 things stood out to me as a really good idea.

So what does one do? One makes one's own list!

I started with categories, added a few more categories, and threw in a couple more for good measure. But just because it says it's for the "Metro Man" doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated by a wide array of men. Most everything on this list would be loved by my husband.

So without further ado, I now present, "Mrs. VanderLeek's list of Stocking Stuffers for Men!"

Fancy mustard (Jim Beam Bacon Flavored Mustard)
Mini Booze Bottles
Booze Bottle chocolates
Jim Beam pancake syrup
Chocolate-dipped Bacon/Bacon Lollipops
Astronaut Ice Cream
Favorite discontinued candy (just because it’s not in North America doesn’t mean you can’t find it online!)
Favorite Childhood Candy (something his grandparents had every holiday perhaps? Dutch droppies, Cream Cheese mints, Old fashioned Suckers, Chocolate Letters…)
Hot Sauce
Fancy sardines
Wasabi Peas/Almonds
That snack you hate, but he loves (his favorite gross chips, Rollmops, olives, gerkins, etc)
Cheddar Bacon flavored Popcorn
Favorite seasoning salt, chili powder blend, pepper blend

Gift cards:
Bowling alley
Tim Hortons/Starbucks
Archery/Gun Range
Driving Range
Little Caesar Hot N Ready Pizza (so he can have pizza for lunch without feeling guilty for spending the $)

Fly set
Fishing lures
Fishing line
Fishing Multitool
Fish Bonker
Deer/Elk call
De-scenting spray
Hand warming packs
Energy bars/energy drink shots
CO2 cartridges
Finger Tab
String silencers
Arm guard
Upgraded sights
Fletch repair kit
Hand weights/barbells
Weight belt
Golf Tees
Golf balls
Golf glove
Crying towel
Water filter straws
Fire starter sticks
Survival Kits
Skeleton face scarf for open-face bike helmets
Team gear
Sport blooper/highlight DVD

Metro Man:
Custom Cufflinks (check out Etsy or some antique stores for some truly unique ones)
Wine Pairing handbook/Tasting journal
Nice scarf
Leather gloves
Bow tie
The Art of Manliness
Personalized calling cards
Money clip
Pull Razor Shaving Kit
Tie clip
Mustache comb

New adapter/charger (let’s face it, they get lost)
Car charger
FM transmitter/car adapter (plug in your iPhone and listen in the car)
Mouse or Keyboard for netbook or tablet
Memory card
Ear buds (also easily lost)
Panoramic lens for iPhone
Jumpdrive jewelry (in wristbands, rings, etc)

Favorite show? Buy the season on iTunes, so even if you don’t have cable, he can watch it as new episodes premier
Trains or models? Buy him paints, parts, or accessories for his set
Obscure Christmas CD/Special of favorite celebrity/performer. You’d be amazed what people have come out with (Trekkie? Get him the album William Shatner sings on. Star Wars? Seriously, there’s one of those, too. Metalicca has a pretty sweet Christmas special.)
Artsy guy? You can never have too many supplies. Brushes, paints, tools… they get used, and then you need more!
Musician? Guitar strings break, picks get lost, sticks get snapped, new piano standards are always welcome and writing to a composer/musician might actually get you a signed copy of music.
Hockey guy? Go to a hobby store and get him a signed, or game-used jersey card. Some can be quite pricey, but depending on the player, you can find some game-used jersey cards for a decent price
Learn a Language CDs + phrase book
No hobby of his own? Help him find one. Whatever he has an interest in, figure out how he can invest his time in it and help give him the tools: Music lessons, fly tying lessons, skate sharpening, wine tasting course, etc.
Magazine subscription for a hobby magazine

Pocket polysporin for work, hobbies
Aftershave or Cologne that you like (because really, you’re the one that needs to!)
Favorite toothpaste and new tooth brush
Bottle of super glue (what guy doesn’t need super glue?)
Personal nail clippers
Toilet readers
Pocket tinsnips
Mini flashlights
Private stash of pens, tape, whatever goes missing in the house frequently
Moleskine notebook
New Wallet
Rub A535 (some guys are sensitive to this – if so, just a normal massage oil/lotion)
Dashboard Dustcloth
Personalized Stationary

House and Home:
Ultimate BBQ Flipper – flipper, knife, bottle opener in one
Personalized Grill Brands
Aerating spouts for wine
Whisky Glacier Stones
Grilling Apron
Cedar grilling planks
Manly vase – wood grain, horn, etc
Candles (sounds weird, but find a scent he really likes and lots of guys would really love this)
Hand-carved figurines (if they can appreciate the technique)
Vintage Comic Book wall art
Espresso hand-press
Tim Horton's tree ornaments

For the parents:
Wookie the Chew prints by James Hance
Metallica Lullabye album
RESERVED travel mug, couch pillow, or other item that commonly gets ‘borrowed’
Portable Do Not Disturb sign
Ear plugs (I’m kind of kidding)

Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook
The Cookie Sutra (The Kama Sutra with gingerbread men - not too graphic)
Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit
Nerf Gun/Lego/transformers/old ‘boy’ toys
Wood puzzles
Beard Toque
Guilty Pleasure – what is he ashamed of liking? Girly drinks? A Miley Cyrus CD? My Little Pony? It’ll be your little secret!
Indoor snowballs
Poker Chips
Gag T-Shirt (quote from favorite TV show, SNL sketch, Movie)
Juggling ball set

Big $:
Gift card for date night (dinner, movie, etc)
Tickets to an NHL game (unless this lockout keeps up!)
Beer/Cheese/Hot Sauce of the Month Membership
Small bottle of well-aged Scotch
Tickets for a scenic train ride
A really good carving/chef’s knife
Saxx underwear (I’ve heard good things)
Spa certificate (facial, massage, etc)
GoPro camera
Subminiature Camera
Solid Gold Coin

No $ Homemade Coupons:
Shovelling Side Walk
Beer/Slurpee/Coffee Run
Washing Dishes
Mowing Lawn
Watch his movie of choice
Listen to his music on a car ride
Massage (with no trades!)
Pick up dog poop/change litter box
Take out garbages
Start and brush off his car
Automatic ‘petty argument’ win
‘His’ night – leave to do whatever he wants, without worrying about kids (min. 24 hour notice!)
Date night of ‘man’ activities
Scalp massage
A cold drink and pre-dinner snack waiting when he gets home from work, every day for a week

Happy Christmas Shopping!

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