Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I love those points in your life where you just sit down, look around, and get thrilled about the fact that you never have to do something again!

Last Friday I had my final fundraiser for the charity I was doing event planning for! I will continue helping them as events come up, but I'm no longer responsible for planning every aspect of them! YAY!

This past fundraiser I was responsible for decorations. I was roped down to using 'gold' (which turned out to be bronze) tablecloths, so I needed to ensure that my table centerpieces weren't just a fixed pallet of autumn colors. Which was a bit of an upset at first because I have two huge boxes of fall decor in my basement specifically for this annual fundraiser. Anyway, I reasoned that I could still use the fall colors, but they needed to have a bold punch of white. What was big, white, and seasonal? Spray painted pumpkins of course!

I picked up some from the store and painted them with a high gloss spray paint (on a cold day, so I had to build a make-shift paint booth in my front entry way and sit with my back against the screen door so that my paint wouldn't be too cold and my house wouldn't be fumigated). They looked fantastic! Classy and seasonal, with just a touch of whimsy! (Sorry, the only pics I have are before the pumpkins were painted!)

Of course, between here and the church we were having the event at the pumpkins rolled into eachother and some paint chipped off.... soooo I had to spray some paint into a cup and brush it on thickly so the brushstrokes wouldn't show through.

Anyway, everyone loved the centerpieces, especially the men, which I thought was odd. I think it was just the novelty of painting something they never thought of before... Oh, and I had a few other pieces aroung the room too which I thought were quite cute.

But now, it is finally done. I've got a bunch of white pumpkins that I will decorate in a variety of ways come Halloween, I've thrown out every now-meaningless email about tablecloths, invites, schedules and meetings, and I'm resting in a job well done.

And how did I celebrate my new found freedom? Well, today I unpacked my sewing machine and finally finished a couple of projects! Matt had asked me to make him a soft bow case for his recurve out of a pair of old camo pants he had. I had done up the basic case a number of weeks ago (constructed it, lined it with felt), but it still needed to be finished. So today I closed one end, made a drawstring closure on the other end and attached a handle to carry it with! Finally done! (and bow season ends in two weeks!) I also finished off the roaming stitch on those stupid light quilts I bought the material for 3 years ago! At the time it didn't matter that I didn't know how to quilt because the material was just too dang cute! But then once I attempted to put everything together and realized how horrific a task it was, my drive really started petering out. I finally cracked down on them a year ago.... and then I ran out of quilting thread! It took me this long to get new thread, wind my bobbins and finish the task. I still have to bind the edges (I've been looking for a satin trim I could use, but no luck so far), but that's what I consider the easy part (not to say I won't screw it up, I just won't cry after I screw it up)
I am looking at a couple of baby-themed projects right now too. The other day I was going through some old baby clothes and found a badly stained long-sleeved onesie that I couldn't bear to part with. The graphic on the front was pretty cute, but the steely-grey and red striped sleeves were awesome. So I ripped the sleeves off, chucked the middle, and started plotting. Today, those sleeves were turned into little baby leggings! I had to reconstruct them a bit, but the general shape was there. The length was only enough to make newborn leggings, but I'm cool with that! And lastly, I went to Winners a couple of days ago where I found some packs of white organic cotton onesies - you know, the ones that you grab and can feel by the weight and the softness that these are things you want to wrap yourself in, let alone your child? Well, turns out, I have four baby showers coming up in the next two months. But I didn't want to give people just plain white onesies - so I'm going to make little animal cutouts from some scrap material and sew them on the fronts! I had a habit of buying any reasonably cute material in the clearance bin for a while there, so I've got a load of funky prints just waiting to be made into birds, octopi, fish or turtles! What fun!

Anyway, that's all for another day, a day which I'm sure I'll have time in, because I'm done event planning!

Mrs. VanderLeek ;)

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