Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sick baby

Oh goodness. Well, my cleaning and decorating plans for yesterday didn't go quite as well as I had hoped. Within half an hour of posting on here yesterday, I picked Gabe up on my lap because he was being quite cuddly and I was telling him how much I loved him and how adorable he is... and he threw up all down his front. The poor little guy was so shocked. He had no idea what had happened. I managed to get him down for an early nap (apparently puking takes alot out of you) and got myself ready in that time but didn't make any real progress on cleaning before he woke up. In the afternoon I gave him some soup and that seemed to go down well, but then he kept putting his head in his hands, rubbing his eye and his forehead and whimpering. I think he had a headache. At that point I whipped out the tylenol and phoned everyone who was expecting me to do something for them in the next two days and cancelled - it's funny how I'd be so hesitant to do that if it were myself throwing up but the instant it's my baby that's sick there's no hesitation. Anyway, Gabe got all of my attention for the rest of the day, Matt went to Auxano without me while I got Gabe to bed by 8 (two hours earlier than normal for him). After 8 I did manage to get the kitchen clean while rocking out to some Nat King Cole Christmas music, but I'm not really any closer to decorating than I was 24 hours ago. Oh, and I made my stocking stuffer list for Matt this year! Stockings are something my family always did every year and I've carried that tradition into my own small family now, with some changes. When my parents did our stockings you could be sure of getting socks, a toothbrush, deodorant, bobbypins, etc. All those necessary things that you only get excited about because my mom took the time to individually wrap them. Well, our stocking budget for eachother now is $50, which means I usually put in some of Matt's favorite candies and chocolates, a fun pocket knife/fishing tool/etc, scratch tickets (another old family tradition on my side) and some bigger things like a magazine subscription, a bottle of wine or some of those sampler bottles of brandy or something, CDs, DVDs, Gift cards and anything else fun that I find while I'm out shopping. My stocking list (Matt prefers I write him a list) has things like Second Cup's White Hot Chocolate mix, Black Currant Tea, a new scarf, Guylian seashell chocolates and, of course, scratch tickets.
Well, even though today doesn't look much more promising for getting closer to decorating (Gabe's been trying to climb up on me all morning) wish me luck! Hopefully I'll get at least some stuff done!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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