Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday?

Here are some things that have been said around our house lately:
"No Gabe, you've already had enough raisins, now eat your cookie."
"You can have water when you drink your juice!"
"Sorry Gabe, we can't brush your teeth right now, you'll have to wait."
"Maybe you can have a bath later bud, but we can't have one right now."
Do I have a weird kid or what? He hates juice. Refuses to drink it. Since he's been sick this week we thought we'd try again and try to get some apple juice in him. No go. Won't touch the stuff. He loves raisins, yogurt, cheese, squash, bread and bananas but we're hard pressed to get him to settle for a cookie for a snack. One of his favorite activities is brushing his teeth and if that holds the #2 spot, having a bath is #1.
Gabriel is feeling better, although he's still not himself. I was wondering this morning how he was feeling until he spilled a few cheerios on the floor by accident and he start bawling. That basically answered my question. It's weird having him like this... he's normally such a happy-go-lucky baby, doesn't fuss, doesn't think too much of bumps and falls. Over the past 4 days, every time he stumbles in the least he screams like he broke something. If he drops a toy he has a panic attack. If the music stops playing between songs he starts hyperventilating... I can't wait until he's better :) Oh, and he's being exceptionally defiant lately. Usually you say, "oh, sorry Gabriel, but we don't play with that." and he's content to leave it. Now you try saying that and he tries his darndest to break it. On the upside, he's sleeping really, really well! But I'd rather have my normal, happy baby, than one that gave me lots of down time. I don't mind being busy with my baby when it's happy busy, but when he's sick I just feel so bad for him.
I'm planning on leaving my house today for the first time since Sunday. I must say, I'm quite excited. Being housebound is hard, and fortunately it happened while it was -30 (or -45) out, but still, 3 days is enough. This weekend however I'm sure I'll make up for all my isolation.
So, Happy Thanksgiving to all ye Americans (or Canadians down in the States) and major kudos to my cousin for surviving her first turkey making experience :) One thing I've never understood about American Thanksgiving however is Black Friday. Why? Why, why, why? I have been known to take part in the occassional Boxing Day sale, but I have never lined up outside of a store, nor gone at any time before 8 a.m. just because there are good prices. And I've got to be honest - unless it's 70% off or better, I'm not likely to give a hoot unless Matt and I had been planning on investing a load of money into that thing anyway. 50% off of something that's $1000 is still $500. That's a big purchase. If it were $300 I'd be able to justify it if, say, Matt and I had been wanting one for a long time, or if it were Matt's Christmas present. And sure you can find some of those really good sales on Black Friday, but most of these sales are $10 off purchases, 30% off, or get something for free. Granted, I'm not the most preferred style of shopper in the retail world. I buy things when I need them and when they are on sale. So, say that I need a pair of jeans. That's my cue to start looking for sales. I'll hold off for as long as a month looking for sale prices and if something really good comes up in that time then I'll buy it. But just because jeans are $20 at some place one weekend, if I don't need them, I won't buy them. Also, 30% off is nothing compared to the deals you can find on last years' electronics or refurbished things from smaller businesses. Computer Trends is awesome for cheap, cheap prices and great service. It's true, you won't get the same warranty necessarily as you would at Best Buy, but Computer Trends will stand behind their products and if it conked within a certain time, they'll just give you a new one - a luxury which you have to pay an extra 10 - 30% for at Best Buy. So, would you rather buy a 40" LCD TV from Best Buy for $600, or the older model for $300 at Computer Trends? The answer comes pretty quickly to me.
Well, that was today's rant :) I'm spent already from it. I think it's time for Gabe to have a nap, and me to have a bath.

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)


  1. I shop the same way you do. Although I don't always wait for a sale. But I definitely don't buy things just because they're on sale if I didn't already want to get it.

  2. Dinner went great! and no one got sick!! YAY
    Love you!


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