Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Upcoming Projects

Today is... well, today is slow. And lazy. And a little bit boring. Just... blah.

Part of what has me so 'blah' is that I have lots of upcoming projects - but I can't start them yet!

For starters, this weekend I have a fundraiser that I'll be selling my tea products at. Since I don't want to be tied up the whole time constantly making pots of tea, I've opted to prepare individual bags of the tea and let people make their own. That will take some time to individually portion out 30 bags each of 3 different varieties, but the real catch is that I can't do that until the day before, or risk the tea going stale before the party!

In my garden I'm waiting for more weeds to grow, but since an epic weekend of gardening, there aren't any up yet! On Saturday hubby and I worked hard - while he took down Christmas lights and mulched the flower beds, I dug up some snow-on-the-mountain, which is quite the task itself thanks to its never-ending root system! Once the roots were all pulled I transplanted some larger clusters and moved a rose bush into the bed that I pulled them out of. My legs still hurt from stepping on the spade to dig up those roots! We trimmed hedges and bushes, checked on all our plants and beds, and everything was in good order by Saturday evening. But that means that it will be at least a few more days until I can trim things, weed things, or even turn the compost!

In a short while we'll be going on vacation to the mountains, but it's far enough away that to start packing right now would be ridiculous. I've got packing lists made already, but that's about as much preparation as I can get done.

As far as crafting projects go, there are plenty of things I'm excited to get started on. For example, I'm going to finally learn to crochet... on vacation in the mountains. My mom and my sister will be there with me, so I'll have the benefit of people who know what they're doing to instruct me. I'm also going to make a couple more quilts! The first one will be for my oldest boy, who, despite being the very reason I decided to try making a quilt in the first place, is still the only child who does not have a quilt-by-Mommy. The catch is, he's super excited to pick out his own material... on vacation in the mountains. There's an adorable quilting store in Canmore that we'll visit and they have tonnes of cute prints, many of which focus on the outdoors, hunting and fishing - all things which my four-year-old boy is quite enthusiastic about. But without even an idea of what this quilt will look like, there's nothing I can do to start. The second quilt is also a labour of love: my dear hubby decided to downsize the number of t-shirts he had and surprisingly opted to part with some shirts that he really loved, but they had holes in the armpits so he figured he should get rid of them. I couldn't bring myself to trash them though - so I hid them. Some of these t-shirts are from high school, one he even made himself, so I'm going to make a t-shirt quilt for him. Soon each boy will have one! And while I could technically start prepping this one, I really want to use a rotary cutter and cutting mat - neither of which I have. So I'll likely buy those... on vacation... in the mountains. Gee - there seems to be a lot hanging on this vacation!

I have big plans for rearranging our basement - but that is waaaaaay too big of a job to do on my own. Or, at least, on my own while I also try to juggle caring for three little boys. I'm planning to move an exercise bike, a filing cabinet, storage shelves for toys and a shelf full of DVDs, but first I need to put 8 Rubbermaid bins away in the crawl space. I definitely need my hubby for this one. Last night we tackled the living room by fixing some chairs, moving some lamps up from downstairs and rearranging some stuff so I could get rid of a corner shelf, that's presence was strictly aesthetic. So perhaps some evening this week we'll get to the basement, but it's really not something I should do on my own.

So you see, I have lots I want to do, but nothing of that sort that I can embark on right now. I suppose I might a well just clean!

Mrs. VanderLeek ;)

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