Friday, June 7, 2013

Popsicle Post

Today I pondered the question, "How many things can we make into popsicles?"

While planning our upcoming family vacation in the mountains, my sister and I suggested we bring out popsicle molds so we can whip up yogurt popsicles for the kids for an easy, healthy and cheap snack. But then I thought about the boundless potential we were met with and decided that I needed to investigate this further. And I'm so glad I did.

Popsicles are an obviously simple treat to whip up. Technically, if you can fit it and freeze it, it will work. Now, I've seen people walk down the 'savory popsicle' road, but I'm not going to go so far today; when we eat popsicles in our house it's for a snack or dessert, so that's what I will be focusing on.

The first, and likely easiest popsicle, is the yogurt popsicle. It can be as simple as spooning store-bought yogurt into a popsicle mold and freezing it. Or, you can choose to have a bit more fun (which I usually opt for).

Try these Yogurt Pop combos:
Greek yogurt + Honey
Lime yogurt + coconut + honey
Vanilla yogurt + cream cheese + raspberries
Strawberry yogurt + strawberries + mini chocolate chips
Peach yogurt + lime rind and juice

For those coconut lovers, coconut milk or coconut cream can be used to make yummy, creamy popsicles too:
Coconut milk + crushed pineapple + banana
Coconut milk + lime rind and juice
Coconut cream + kiwi
Coconut cream + passion fruit + guava
Coconut cream + toasted coconut flakes

For other creamy options, try:
Peach + Ricotta + brown sugar
Cooked apple w/ cinnamon + Ricotta + Maple syrup
Triple layered Pudding pops: Chocolate + Vanilla + Pistachio
Cream Cheese + Strawberry Jam
Root Beer + Heavy Cream + Vanilla

If you're not into creamy popsicles, you can always go with the more fruity varieties:
Peach + Orange + Mango
Raspberry + Melon + Cucumber
Strawberry + Mango + Lime
Watermelon + Strawberry

And just for fun, why not try adding a bit of booze to your pops? (but not too much or they won't freeze!):
Rum + Coke
Lychee + Peach + Sparkling White Wine
Coconut Milk + Crushed Pineapple + Coconut Rum
Peach + Orange + Light Beer

Happy Popsicle making!

Mrs. VanderLeek ;)

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