Sunday, June 24, 2012

Party Week

Well, the crazy garage sale weekends done... Now on to the crazy party week!
This one should be more fun than the last though because, well, it's parties!

On Tuesday my boys and I are packing up and leaving poor Matt at home while we head to Calgary to do a Pampered Chef show for my Grandma. This will actually be my first spa show with my sister, and I'm quit excited about it! My sister, who sells Avon products, will be doing mini manis with the guests after I whip up a guacamole with them! I don't expect it to be a very big show, but I'm excited to do our first one together to kind of get our footing.

On Thursday I will be having a houseful of ladies over for a Stella and Dot party that I'm hosting! If you remember, a little while back Matt and I had three days notice that we were going to attend a black-tie formal event. I found a dress at Winners but didn't want to shell out to much money on nice jewelry, so I called up my sister's friend who is a Stella and Dot stylist. I asked if we could work something out and she said that she would lend me any pieces that I wanted for this event, if I booked a show in June - plus, she'd book a Pampered Chef show too! Sweet deal if you ask me! So, I looked great for my event, I've got a PC show for her in July, and this week I'm having a Stella and Dot party!
Like all parties at my house, there will be food - perhaps more than usual since we opted to start the party at 6:30, so some people may not have time for supper after work. I had pulled a pork shoulder to do pulled pork for today and at midnight last nit it was still pretty solid - which sucked, until I decided to save it for my party night and make pulled pork sliders! I have yet to find a recipe but I think they'll be great! I'll probably also do some lighter, fruit-based things, and maybe some Pampered Chef recipes, and depending on the weather, I may also make my new Cinnamon Roll sugar syrup and we'll have steamed milk shots!

But that's all for now, because, frankly, I'm beat. The garage sale took its toll, and before I can plan any more things for my parties, I think I just need some sleep!

Mrs. VanderLeek ;)

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