Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Menu

It's time for planning Easter dinner! Yay! I had a few commitments that I needed to focus on before I let myself think too much on it, but now that those are past I'm retargetting my focus on Easter!
First off, my plans for my ducks have changed. I had planned on cooking them up for family dinner with Matt's side of the family, however, due to scheduling conflicts, we won't be having Easter dinner with that side this year. So instead, we're going to be having a small dinner on Friday night with my immediate family where I will cook up one of the ducks. Since not everyone likes duck, I'm also roasting a chicken (mmmm I love the smell of roasting chicken with garlic and white wine...) I also decided that since I'm not getting to make some items for my sister-in-law's baby shower that I really wanted to try to make, I'm going to do them up for this dinner. So while my family would normally have broccoli, steamed carrots and mashed potatoes for sides and maybe a pie for dessert, I'm mixing it up! We're keeping the mashed potatoes, but then we're having Balsamic Glazed carrots, steamed artichokes, phyllo wrapped asparagus spears with red pepper aioli and for dessert I'm making individual lemon souffles and cracked chocolate eggs with mango sorbet 'yolks'. I hope the family likes it!
This is also going to be our anniversary weekend. Our actual anniversary is next Tuesday, however Gabe's birthday is the Wednesday and we're dividing that up between both sides of the family so my parents get Gabe on Tuesday and Matt's parents get him on Wednesday. That leaves Monday night for our anniversary but we have Auxano that night so we will instead be celebrating on Sunday afternoon. We're going to take Gabe to Crossiron Mills so he can see the fish and caribou at Bass Pro Shop and we're going to see what other fun things we can do there too. At very least there will be guns for Matt and a Homesense for me, so that will be something.
Pampered Chef has been going quite well. I'm having my third show this Wednesday and then this month I've earned a Father's Day present for Matt, a free zester, a free cookbook, a free glass batter bowl and I'm lined up to earn a bunch more free stuff next month. Oh, not to mention the money I earned too!
I should get moving though - I've got a long to-do list for today!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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