Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Life with an iPhone

I'd like to say my absence from blogging for over a month now wasn't a side-effect of getting an iPhone, but I'd be lying. It's not that I've been so hunkered down tweeting, or playing games, or mindlessly surfing Facebook, that I've forgotten about blogging. On the contrary - I'd say that it's because I now spend less non-intentional time on my computer! I don't check Facebook unless I can see I have a message waiting. I don't keep hovering around my computer while I wait for an email - my phone will ding when it comes. And I can get things done, written out, and printed, as I think of them, instead of needing to hunker down on the laptop to catch up on things. As far as productivity goes, an iPhone has been great for me!
But, all the same, I've now missed blogging for over a month. In that time I've finished a few more crochet projects, had my birthday (I got my Dust Buster! Yay!), saw my family a lot and did a ton of fun, summery things. We went camping, we went to the beach, we had tailgating parties with our church... fun.

I also had a number of tea parties - and I have a few more coming in the next week. It's been lots of fun doing these, and I'm turning semi-pro at doctoring teas into amazing punches and fun party drinks. For example: Iced Mojito green tea, lime syrup, fresh mint leaves and white rum! Or Clementine Biscotti cold brewed, with blackcherry-cranberry juice and club soda for a holiday punch that tastes like sparkling mulled cider! And if you drink powdered hot chocolate, you should absolutely steep Hot Yoga or Dark Chocolate Chai tea in your water before adding your powder!

As far as crocheting goes, I'm getting better, and faster. I've completed a few Christmas presents, including an Underwater Themed blanket for my nephew, some chain necklaces, and a chunky wool infinity scarf. I also made a hooded cowl with ears to be part of an ewok costume for one of my boys this Halloween. I still need to find a supplier with really chunky yarn, preferably synthetic, so I can make this gorgeous fire-side blanket I dream about at night.

Speaking of suppliers, I also need to find a fabric store that carries Timber Creek fabric. I want to make a quilt for my eldest boy for Christmas, and have my eye on a couple designs by them, but can't find it in Canada - and hate the price on shipping from down in the States!

Anyway, I've got a tea party tomorrow, a garage sale on Friday, and far more things going on in the following week, so this is all I actually have time for. Such is life, when you're working on being productive :)

Mrs. VanderLeek ;)

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