Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Master Bedroom

I finally have some pictures to put up of our home reno! Yay!

My hubby has been chipping away at the reno every day after work, and every weekend. After getting the main color on all the walls last week and installing a new ceiling fan (which he needed to run new wires and cut a hole in the ceiling for), we finally got to move on to more finishing projects. Last night his dad popped by to lend a hand on our accent wall. We had planned to sponge the wall to give it a sort of 'dust cloud' feel but I was quite apprehensive... sponging can look really good, and it can look really bad. I knew how I definitely did not want it to look: like someone skinned a cheeta and hung its fur on our wall. Or maybe like the wall contracted measles. Google "sponge painting" and you'll see what I mean. I needed it to be smoother. So, when they started I made sure that my hopes were clear, but I needed to leave the room so I could let them do their job without all of my hyper-active anxieties hanging over them.

The result?

Not half bad!

The picture makes it look grainier than it is, and while it doesn't look quite like clouds, the look is more like textured leather, and absolutely gorgeous! To get this effect it took two men, two sea sponges, a pint of accent color and some glaze. They needed to mix the accent color into the glaze, and then soak the sponges in water so that they only held a bit of paint and didn't become saturated with it. Hubby did a bit more of a 'swirling' motion in his application while his dad did a more spotty-jab so it combined to have a very nice marbley look.

Next up comes finishing the baseboards, followed by flooring, then things like curtain rods, headboard installation, etc. We're getting there!

Mrs. VanderLeek ;)

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