Friday, May 18, 2012

Pancakes and Bread

Have you ever had those days where you were busy from start to finish, and yet, looking back, you feel like you didn't accomplish anything you set out to do? Well then you know exactly how I felt today!

We had our weekly play date in our house today, which meant that the house had to be clean and the kids' rooms ready to receive company in. This morning I had received an email from the guy I'm developing recipes for asking if I could make up a pancake mix recipe, so once our company left I made pancakes for lunch. The recipe worked great, and I nailed it in one try, plus I got lunch out of it, but I hadn't planned on doing that today so it set me back a bit. I whipped up the loaf of soda bread I had intended on making today and just as I threw it in the oven I got a call from a lady asking to check out my wedding dress, which I'm selling. Oh, and she brought her kids over too, so I had to reclean the toys and make sure any smaller ones were picked up since she had a younger little guy. Once that was all done I got to work setting up a blog for my church that I've been asked to start, which took a lot longer than it ought to have (my creativity feels dead this week). By the time I finished that it was getting close to when Matt would be home, so I tried to figure out supper but the kids had other ideas. Poor Gabe has had diarrhea off and on all week and I can't figure out why (I thought chocolate, but he didn't have any today...), and Nathaniel's nap schedule was thrown off by all our company so he was screaming bloody murder and fighting sleep with every ounce of energy he could muster. I finally was ready to give up so I called Matt to ask him to pick something up on his way home... only to find he was a couple of blocks away. SO, once I washed the couch cushions, cleaned up my little boy, washed some poopy clothes and cleaned up myself, I fed the baby (who still is refusing to fall asleep) and threw on some perogies for supper. Win.

While it was a day of reasonable productivity, I still have yet to plan my Sunday School lesson, plants some flowers, make calls for Pampered Chef things that I need to drop off, clean our bedroom and do more laundry.

But hey, at least I made yummy pancakes, right?

Oh, and did I mention that I also whipping up an incredible loaf of Wheat and Honey bread yesterday? Unfortunately, there just wasn't enough gluten to make it rise properly, and I wanted to avoid using white flour or gluten enhancers, so until I get my hands on a Bread Flour, that recipe is on the back burner, but it was so yummy, Matt told me he really liked it 3 times. It will get used eventually, but it might take a couple of months.

well, now I'm off to tackle some of the still-waiting tasks on my To Do list! Tally-ho!

Mrs. VanderLeek ;)

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