Monday, May 16, 2011

Stuffed Salmon and Foot Soaks

Well, this weekend didn't go quite the way I had planned but I managed to salvage parts of it! Friday I was out grocery shopping and saw that they had whole frozen salmon on sale for $6. I haven't been able to eat salmon for about 2 years now but lately I'd been craving my Grandma's Rice Stuffed BBQ Salmon. I bought the salmon and planned to invite my parents over for dinner on the weekend. Well, Friday night was wretched. I was just going to bake some cupcakes for my sister-in-law's baby shower the next day when I got a shooting pain in my abdomen. I wasn't really worried about it but thought I'd better play it smart and kick back for the rest of the evening. By 8 I felt feverish and my throat was hurting too. Throughout the night my fever spiked and at 5 I got up to throw up. I didn't get back to sleep until 7. So I decided that it'd be best if I stayed in bed all Saturday. I had to cancel on the shower and never got around to making the cupcakes or the fruit skewers with the yogurt-honey dip. I did send along the shower games I had planned and the prizes I had made (potted herbs, homemade soaps and teacup candles) but then I went back to bed for the remainder of the day.
Sunday I ended up feeling a bit better (or at least I hadn't thrown up in a while). I still wasn't up for church so Gabey and I hung out at home and I started doing some little jobs around the house. I changed the sheets on the bed and I started organizing some boxes and baby things. Matt came home from church and had passed a garage sale that had some baby things at it. We went by it later and got a double stroller for $25! Woot! I was feeling well enough that I invited my parents over for that salmon which I had left to defrost in my fridge. In the meantime I did a ton of laundry and cleaned my living room too! Supper was great and handling fish is oddly satisfying - something I had forgotten. It's been a while since I've cleaned a fish or anything apparently! That night we also bought a kid carrier backpack for $50 off of Kijiji which was much cheaper than any others we'd seen. Monday morning I was up early and decided that today was going to be productive. As soon as Gabe was fed and dressed we went out to run some errands starting with some banking. Eventually I got over to Co-op Home and Garden Centre to look for some wooden scrub brushes for cleaning. There's been a few things lately that I've had to clean that would have been much easier to clean if I had a scrub brush like that. I found a couple at Co-op and I also found a hybrid tea rose that was gorgeous so I bought that too! We ran a couple more errands and then I got Gabe home and down for a nap and I started some outdoor work. I cleaned our new stroller, I hosed down our sidewalks, I planted my rose and some herbs and did some general outdoor tidying. Matt's mom came by in the afternoon and picked up Gabe so I took the chance to run out and get some nursing clothes and groceries, came home and made up some supper for Matt before he went out for the evening. Since I was spending the evening by myself I decided to try out some homemade foot soaks I'm going to make up for my sister-in-law. Her poor feet are so swollen she needs some help! So I popped myself some air pop popcorn, grabbed a glass of juice, put on some Friends episodes and soaked away! This first one I've tried is skim milk powder, Epsom salts and lime-mint tea bags. My feet feel so nice! Other ones involve honey, olive oil and/or milk.
I'm a little achy tonight but I'm so glad I got so much done! Well back to watching Friends!
Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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