Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pampered Chef

Let's have another round of my favorite game, Good Idea/Bad Idea, shall we?
My brother is getting married next month. (That's not what I'm wanting opinions on). As of yet, there are no plans for a bridal shower and considering that 2 of the 3 people who would actually plan one are in Maui, I'm trying to work out some details on my own. Now, what I really want opinions on is the unorthodox idea of having a Pampered Chef Bridal Shower. We'd put the bride's name down as the host so that she got all the free stuff, she could circle things in the catalogue that people could buy for her instead of bringing a gift, and even if some people didn't want to buy anything for her, anything they buy for themselves would actually help her get more free things from the party.
Now, at different times I've worried that either the party will seem too pushy and too "you didn't bring a present but you can't get out of buying one for her" and at other times I've worried that the party wouldn't be enough about her. Now, the latter of those I can fix by doing other bridal shower type things. The former of those I am a little worried about still but I'm hoping the no pressure to bring a gift scenario would outweigh the pressure to buy something scenario. Also, I'm hoping that some people would come to the party who wouldn't otherwise. I mean, everyone loves Pampered Chef, right? So hopefully we can wrangle in a few of the cousins and relatives on her side that might be sitting on the fence about coming. I originally had wanted to do a jewelry home party but I decided Pampered Chef would be more useful and .
For the bride's benefit, I think it's a good idea (obviously or I wouldn't have proposed it). How many people who are married got a load of things at their showers that they will never use? How many people wish that everyone would just stick to the registry? This way we can have a "registry" right on hand and again, even if people only buy things for themselves they'll be helping her get more free stuff. As for what if people already have gifts for her, well since there hasn't been any talk about a shower I doubt most people would have a gift for the shower yet.
Now, good idea/bad idea scenario #2 - should I become a Pampered Chef consultant? haha I know, it sounds so selfish and affected to bring that up after everything I said above, but hear me out! First off, I really came up with the idea for the party before the idea of being a consultant. I was trying to figure out if a friend of mine from town would be willing to drive to Calgary to do the show since I don't know of anyone who does Pampered Chef in Calgary. Then I was looking through the website and stumbled across the consultant kits and realized they were less than I thought they were. Then I realized that if I signed up under my consultant friend it would actually be helping her and if I did the Pampered Chef Bridal Shower as my first show I could make sure there weren't any strangers there, run it with less pressure than otherwise and probably make back my investment in the consultant kit with that first show. Sounded like a good idea. The issue is, I wouldn't do it really well. I mean, I could put on a mean show, and we all know I love cooking, but I wouldn't be one of those pushy people always trying to make shows and always trying to sell things. I'd probably just do a few shows a year and let my friends and family know to put my name in as their consultant if they ever want to order things online. I certainly wouldn't be in it for the money. I think the biggest thing is I would do it for friends and family - oddly enough. As I said, I don't know of anyone who sells Pampered Chef in Calgary. I've been to Partylite parties there and know a few people who sell that as well as Avon sales people and Amway people... and while I know of alot of people in town who sell Pampered Chef, there's no one in my circle in Calgary who does, and I know I've got some family members who like the stuff. My sister would probably enjoy throwing a Pampered Chef party and I'd love to help her do that.
So, would it be worth it to do it just half-heartedly? I mean, I'd make my money back at least, but would it be too much of a nagging feeling to do better? Or would it be okay if I just coasted?
I want your opinions!

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

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