Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bad Bread and Baby Food

Ugh. My baby turns 9 months old tomorrow and we've been feeding him different foods for the last 3 months now. In so many ways I'm really good about letting my baby grow up. Granted, I cried when he went from 0 - 3 month to 3 - 6 month clothes... and when he rolled over for the first time... and when he stood for the first time... anyway. That's not important. I'm excited to see my baby grow up and so I don't hesitate to introduce him to new experiences like swimming or the zoo or going down a slide with me. All that changes when it comes to food however. For some reason I think of him as younger than he actually is when it comes to food. Maybe I need to give some background about me for you to understand why.
I have allergies. Not normal allergies either. I'm allergic to moquito bites, latex and rubber products and I'm lactose intolerant. The lactose is pretty normal. The rubber is not. Anyway. I'm really firm on not feeding Gabe any milk products before the recommended age of 12 months. I'm also really firm about other things on the allergy topic like wheat and citrus (Matt's sister is allergic to citrus). So I bought a book on making baby food when Gabe was 3 months old and read through it cover to cover. I made a game plan of what I was and was not going to feed Gabe. I had decided to avoid added salt and sugar for as long as possible. I also decided he wasn't going to have nightshade vegetables for the first year. I read somewhere that this was a good idea and so I decided 6 months ago to do that.
Well, now I'm looking into different baby foods and tonnes of them have potatoes in them! (Potatoes are a nightshade vegetable) I wanted to start Gabe on jarred baby food with meats in them before I tried making them myself and almost all of them have potatoes in them! Then those Baby Mum-Mums have potato starch. And lots of mixed grain baby cereals have wheat in them! Well now I'm just confused. So I don't want to be the baby food nazi but I'm still planning on keeping my baby potato free until he is 12 months old and if that means no baby mum-mums, well, so be it.
The Bad Bread portion of the title comes from a couple of loaves I whipped up yesterday. It wasn't bad really. It just wasn't great. It tasted like white bread. Wonderbread really. The thing is, when I make bread at home that is not the taste I am trying for. So that was the basic Better Homes and Gardens white bread and I won't be making it again. If you want to make your own plain white bread at home that tastes like Wonderbread, give 'er.
Well, I've got to go research revenue properties ;)

Mrs. Vander Leek ;)

P.S. I'm planning on watching the Iron Chef Stadium match against Chef Michael Smith on Jan. 31st, are you?

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